Retirement income options

When you are on the point of retirement there are some critical decisions to be made in order to derive the best from the savings you have built up through your working life.

Before you can draw an income from these hard-earned retirement savings, you need expert advice.


Because it’s a complex matter: there are 11 different income options, each needing to be tailored to your particular circumstances, and many annuity and retirement income provider firms competing to get hold of your money.

Make the wrong choice and you could receive less income, pay more tax than necessary or be tied into an option where once committed there is no way back.

Gordon Tate Associates are qualified, independent and passionate about helping you to financial wellbeing in later life. Through detailed personal consultation we will find the best retirement income option to match your needs.

It’s called ‘pension crystallisation’ – we call it making sure our clients enjoy the retirement for which they have worked so hard.