Long-term Care Options

Decisions about the long-term care of a loved one can be emotional and stressful. The choice of whether they should remain at home or move into a residential care home or nursing home is never taken lightly.

‘At home’ long-term care funding requires expertise on the levels of care available under individual packages and creativity to fund additional requirements.

With a residential care home, families are often concerned about meeting shortfalls in long-term care funding while protecting their own assets.

Nursing home care with medical staff means higher fees, so we structure a funding plan that works for all family members. When you need urgent advice, we can act speedily to find the best possible solution.

Gordon Tate Associates work with many respected organisations, such as nursing homes, as trusted independent financial advisers.

Long-term care funding is a specialised area that only selected advisers are qualified for. We are, so you can rely on us to deal with your family professionally and respectfully.

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