The key to financial wellbeing in later life

What are you looking for out of retirement? Relaxation away from office worries, financial wellbeing in later life,  time and money for new interests and holidays, being able to help out your children and grandchildren …

In short, financial wellbeing.

Whether it’s Tuscany, a visit to the garden centre or supporting younger relatives in tough economic times, retirement should be the time when you can make the most of the savings you have built up over years of work.

If you’re like me you’d like cash for cinema trips, eating out and buying clothes, as well as bigger sums that might go towards a grandchild’s university fees or first-home deposit.

Sometimes a grown-up child might appreciate a stop-gap contribution towards this month’s mortgage or a family holiday.

But to draw the best income from your hard-earned savings you need specialist advice when you’re on the point of retirement.

It is essential to choose the right annuity and retirement income option from the array of complex offers available in the process known as ‘pension crystallisation.’

Those who get it wrong may find they are stuck with less income than they expected or a higher tax bill than necessary. A rotten result all round.

Financial Wellbeing In Later Life

Gordon Tate Associates are specialists in helping you to financial wellbeing in later life. We are qualified, independent and passionate about what we do.

We want to make sure you enjoy the retirement for which you have worked so hard, so we’ll talk through all your plans and needs to find the retirement income option that suits you best.

Then it’s up to you. College fees or a trip to Costa Rica … or both? You decide if you want financial wellbeing in later life!