When life is one long holiday …

How many of us haven’t sat back on a summer holiday and looked forward to the days when we can give up work altogether?

The thought of having the leisure time and money to treat ourselves to a cruise, go on a city break or enjoy a later-life ‘Gap Year’ is very seductive!

So my heart sank when I read the following headline on the BBC website: ‘Workers facing a bleak old age says pension review.’

The article explained how a review by the Workplace Retirement Income Commission had concluded that up to nine million people faced a ‘bleak old age’ because they were falling through the cracks of private sector pension provision.

The study, led by Lord McFall, found that a third of all the current UK workforce were at risk!

It said many people were not saving enough for their retirement years, did not think pensions were a good deal and thought charges were too opaque.

Yet the picture does not have to be so gloomy. With good, independent financial advice it is possible to make sure your money and/or assets are working as hard for you as they could be so you can make the most of your retirement.

It’s my belief that it’s never too late to look at boosting your retirement income – especially if you do see yourself holidaying or simply enjoying a few luxuries in your golden years.

Whether you’re in your 30s or already retired, an independent financial adviser will be able to help you with sound retirement planning that matches your particular circumstances.

Far better, in my book, than facing that ‘bleak old age.’